My purpose is to help you deliver safe, high quality and well-maintained public parks and open spaces.
~ Jonathan Casbolt ~ 

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Parkscape is owned and operated by independent consultant and freelancer, Jonathan Casbolt. Jonathan brings a wealth of experience in the management and care of public parks and open spaces to his work. His clients are drawn from a diverse range of public and private sector organisations, including local authorities, contracting companies, and trusts



As an independent parks and open spaces expert, I bring a fresh perspective to your organisation. I can solve your problem or complete your project, while saving you staff resources.

A major advantage that I bring to the table, especially when consulting in the area of operations, is that I’ve worked extensively in the industry in both the public and private sectors. I have seen things from both sides of the fence, and the advice I provide is based on practical hands-on experience.


Parkscape Services



I have a particular strength in the area of operations. I can cast a fresh pair of eyes over your parks and grounds maintenance operations, practices, and systems. I help to problem-solve, and assist with operations planning and mediation.

Investigation and Reporting

I provide independent advice drawing on my extensive horticultural, parks, and recreation knowledge and experience. I investigate and report on issues important to your business, stakeholders, and your community.

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Inspections and audits

I provide an objective independent examination of your parks and open spaces services and assets. I undertake park audits. I undertake asset data collection and condition grading assessments.

Training and workplace consultation

I provide customised training solutions. I mentor and consult with staff to understand their needs, wants, perceived barriers, and enablers to work.

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I prepare management plans to guide the use, development, and management of your parks and open spaces. I consult with user groups, and facilitate workshops.



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